Attorney Marie K. Spring


Estate Planning

Simple and affordable estate planning

A simple estate plan can avoid not only unnecessary cost and time in the probate court system; but, can also ensure you are cared for in the manner you wish should you become incapacitated and ensure your property is distributed in a manner you desire should you pass away. It may also protect your family from judgment creditors. Certain documents you should have in place include:

1) Health Care Proxy

This document immediately allows the appointed health care agent to make medical decisions on behalf of an incapacitated person, including end of life decisions. End of life directives may be made therein, i.e. refusal of artificial life support and the direction of comfort requests. This instrument is very helpful during difficult times when family members are at emotional "highs." Honoring their loved ones requests can ease the emotional trauma of certain decisions.

2) Power of Attorney

This document allows the appointed representative to make financial decisions for a person, i.e. handle bank accounts, file tax returns, sell real estate, etc. A Power of Attorney may take effect upon signing or upon incapacitation.
*Consult with Attorney Marie K. Spring to see how her Powers of Attorney may grant broader authority in order to avoid the Probate Court system.

3) Last Will and Testament

A Will distributes property after a person dies (decedent) according to their wishes. A Will appoints a Personal Representative to carry out the instructions in their Will. Preparing a Will ensures your property is distributed in a manner you desire as opposed to the Massachusetts Laws of Intestacy, which, may not be how you wish your property to be distributed, i.e.: child's spouse getting 1/2 of ...
*Consult with Attorney Marie K. Spring to see how your Will may avoid unnecessary contests among family members in the Probate Court system.